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It’s so exciting to be a part of our community! NCOG members can earn additional tokens in any number of ways.  Just about everything you do in participation with your NCOG membership will earn you more Search Tokens.  You can always check back to this page for additions that are being made regularly.  But this page will continually provide as much information as it can about how to earn additional tokens with NCOG.


Search Engine Searches

Conducting keyword search

es on the NCOG metasearch engine will earn additional tokens.  Each search is recorded and calculated in real-time. You’ll see instant results as you search for everything from books to hairdressers.  Questionable searches are addressed in the [ link to Search Tokens Terms and Conditions].  We strongly suggest you preview the Terms and Conditions so that you are more familiar with the NCOG community and how we conduct ourselves. But reasonable and meaningful searches will always result in the award of additional tokens.



Periodically, a vendor needs information and the NCOG community is more than happy to help. Each survey you complete through the NCOG offerings will earn you additional tokens. You can complete as many as you want. You can opt-out of completing any surveys at all. But your participation provides better benefits and income opportunities for the entire NCOG community. You’ll often receive free products right at your front door. That’s just one of the many benefits of providing us with as much information as you can.



We provide opportunities for our members to place advertisements in a large assortment of areas. Place advertisements in areas such as automotive, job opportunities, business opportunities, personals, houses for sale, apartments for rent, and miscellaneous. Every time you place an advertisement, you earn additional tokens. So, anything you have for sale or any opportunity you want to offer others is exactly what you need to put in our classifieds section.



When you run an eBay auction through your NCOG membership you’ll earn additional tokens. Get rid of old stuff you no longer need. Try to make money dealing in a niche market. eBay is so expansive that it is a great income opportunity for anyone who wants to get involved. It’s also a leisurely auction certain members get into just to pass time and earn money auctioning items they no longer want. No matter what your need, you’ll earn additional tokens every time you eBay!



Are you into making videos?  It’s fun! Grab your camera and make stupid faces or video yourself dancing like an idiot in your dorm room. No matter how you elect to spend fifteen minutes online, you can earn additional tokens by uploading your videos so the NCOG community can enjoy them. You may also upload viral videos others have created.  Certain copyright laws apply.  Make sure you understand the license agreement of each video you plan to upload. However, instructional videos that you bought from another website would certainly fall under videos you are not allowed to upload.  You upload videos at your own risk!  Any copyright infringement actions will fall on the individual and result in the deactivation of your account.  Be smart!



Do you have something to say? Say it here. You’ll earn additional tokens for creating and maintaining your blog.  Comment on other members’ blogs and you’ll earn additional tokens.  The more activity you spend in our blog section, the more community participation is recorded.  That’s how income is generated for us to share among our entire community of members.  So, get in and get involved.  We want your participation and we are more than willing to compensate you for it!



Our forums are a great place to get to know each other.  Post away!  Whether it’s important, informative, or just plain funny, have fun and post what’s on your mind.  Enjoy the comments of others!  Just keep it clean.  Our forum rules are governed by our [link to Forum Policy] and we strongly adhere to them.  But you already know our policies.  They’re the same as any other.  Don’t spam! No hatred. No pornography!  You get the gist. For your activity on our forums, you earn additional tokens.


Our discussion board provides all of our members with a chance to catch up on changes in policy, new events, and current concerns as well as any number of other related topics.  Your participation on our boards helps us to know what our members are thinking.  Participation on the boards earns additional tokens.


Have real-time conversations in the chat rooms.  Pick a room that suits your interests and start talking.  You get additional tokens for your time spent in the chat rooms.  Our chat rooms are also governed by [link to Chat Room Policy] and only strict adherence to the rules will be tolerated.  But, once again you know the rules.  Follow them and there shouldn’t be any problems.  Chat rooms are fun when they are used appropriately.  So, get in and start chatting away.  You just might find some pretty interesting people and earn additional tokens in the meantime.

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